"Witch Tears" essential oil blend. 1 ounce. "Witch Tears" essential oil blend. 1 ounce.

"Witch Tears" essential oil blend 1 ounce refillable decorative  black roll on bottle.

Calming, relaxing, heavy ROSE!

Rose essential oil is one of the most delightful - and most treasured - of all the oils. Something about its soft floral scent just makes you feel more peaceful.

Mixed with cedar's, woodsy scent is perfect for warming a cold evening, either in a candle or a massage oil recipe. 

I found that buying a less expensive sandalwood or rose was a big mistake - the scent and therapeutic properties just are NOT the same when you economize here. It's not worth it - if you're going to buy sandalwood or rose, go for the good stuff!

Ingredients: Cedar oil, Non Synthetic Rose oil, Grapefruit oil, a hint of Sandalwood oil & Sage.

Lifts mood

Refreshes and energizes

Relieves mental fatigue

Improves mental clarity, memory and alertness

Comes with a Sad Witch Club pin 

. A little goes a long, long way!

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