Scarling. "So Long, Scarecrow" LP
The 2nd full length album from Scarling. More info.
Produced by Rob Campanella, Christian Hejnal.
Released: October 2005 (Sympathy for the Record Industry)

Hello London (5:50)
City Noise (3:17)
Broken Record (4:38)
(Northbound On) Cahuenga (6:08)
Teenage Party Letdown (0:35)
Bummer (3:56)
Manorexic (4:24)
In the Pretend World (4:14)
Stapled to the Mattress (5:41)
Like a Killer (2:55)
Caribou and Cake (3:25)
We Are the Music Makers (3:27)
So Long, Scarecrow (4:02)