Jessicka Addams : Lyrics & Sketch
A lot of people were refunded for lyrics on Pledge and that sucked.To be honest, Jessicka was upset they got destroyed but they didn't really look that great and she wanted them to be special, one of a kind and frameable.
Please pick one lyric line from your favorite Jack Off Jill or scarling. song and Jessicka will hand write it and personalized with a sketch under it. Created on hand printed hand printed thick deckled paper. We'd like to get them all mailed out by the end of January so people could give them as Valentine's gifts if they wanted.

These print come in two sizes. 5"x7 " and 8"x 10" and come with 3 anti- Valentine's day stickers for those of you who are not in in the spirit.
Each one of these will be one of a kind.
Please put the lyric followed by the song title in the notes section of the House Of Addams order form. This item will be shipped separately and signed by Jessicka.

This item will ship Mid February 2017 - one of kind items are taking longer than expected. Purchase now so not to miss out on these. First come, first served. :)
This item will be shipped separately from other items.