After Grrrl "Small Stories from Big Lives"
While pop artists now bank on transparent "performance feminism" and the media declares "Yay feminism, Riot Grrrl returns!", Jack Off Jill has always been the real deal. Those of us shunned for our looks, gender identification, weight, or sexual preference populate the front row. JOJ brought us together, created a community.
The band's message of female empowerment is more important now than ever, reminding us where we've been, and how far we have to go. After Grrrl: small stories from big lives is a collection of our stories – mine, yours, everyone's - and collectively the story of the band who brought together thousands.
So grab a pen, pencil, crayon, quill dipped in blood, whatever, and customize the front of this zine as it pertains to YOU. We've even included a space in the back of the zine so you can write YOUR story, and we hope you share them (whether they're prose, poetry, haikus, or just pictures) on

Because After Grrrl is for EVERYONE.
Edited by Carrie Jo Tucker
Intro quote by Dita Von Teese


Allison Wolfe
Alix Sloan
Bonnie Burton
Camille Rose Garcia
Carrie Jo Tucker
Chantal Claret
Charlotte White
Coco Hames
Corrie Harrigan
Debrissa McKinney
Helen Storer
Janine Jarman
Jessicka Addams
Jessica Veronica
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe

Karina Miller
Kelly Osboure
Laura Larson
Lindsey Way
Elizabeth McGrath
Lori Barbero
Lori Nelson
Michelle "Inhell" Oliver
Molly Soda
Remy Holwick
Samantha Maloney
Stacey Albert
Tara McPherson
Tenni "A Cha Cha" Arslanyan
Veronica Straszheim